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Distance learning courses

Online training courses is an easy convenience learning tool that help you study and keep learning at your place in the time you chose and select through the internet courses and online exams and tests .

the online training courses is available for anybody have an internet connection and PC , and it is available with many languages according to the major of the course and the country that offer it
the benefit of online courses is the ease of use , start , retake and the low cost compared to the regular courses

Distance learning

Distance learning is the affect of communication , information revolution on the learning and study methods , the way that enable you to get your business or non business degree from a reputable college in a foreign country while you staying at your home , and also to attend online classes to share the ideas with the other online class members and students

now the distance learning is taking a good rank and value in comparison to the past 10 years because of the real time communication that allow the student to interact with their lecturers and see each other

Accredited distance learning institutes and colleges  >>>


Download free Translation dictionary

if you searching for free translation dictionary or online translation tools , then we recommend you the following list of English translation dictionary that help you translate from Arabic to English and English to Arabic and french language , the most of these translation dictionary is giving you the advantage of free trial download that can help you try the quality of language translation and to download English translation dictionary before you decide to buy it or just download the free trial .

Download free dictionary

Remember that all the free dictionary is offering you some of it's translation abilities and language tools just to download and try but when you download the full version of the dictionary you can use it as a complete edition and translation tool .

- Babylon dictionary ( Best of English Arabic translation ) 

- Oxford dictionary ( instant translation download ) 

- Golden translation ( Business English Arabic translation ) 

- instant translation ( free download ) 

Note : the translation generated by language dictionary programs whatever full version or free download is not enough to come up with exact meaning of a word or even a paragraph that you translating , that's why we recommend you to get enough English vocabulary and grammar knowledge with some idioms to help yourself  reaching the best translation .

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Business schools in Egypt

Business schools in Egypt

Business schools and training courses are available at many places and countries including Egypt , for example you find the American university ( AUC ) , German university ( GUC ) , the British university ( BUE ) , ain shams university , Cairo university and more private business schools and colleges that you can start and earn your business degree

MBA Degree
MBA , PhD , accredited schools
MBA or master of business administration can treble your monthly income and makes you 
accredited of one of the global business schools

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The TOEFL is The Test of English as a Foreign Language , and it is designed to measure the English level to the student who not speaking English as mother tongue and want to study in English .

the test is covering the basic language skills ( reading , writing , listening , conversation , comprehension and more ) to determine if you are qualified at the lingual level to start studying in English or you want more practices and courses .

TOEFL , English test , language exam
test your English language and skills by the most accredited test around the world and get a 
full business English course to practice what you learn

Learn how to get a good TOEFL score   >>>



GMAT score , test practice , business skills

get a higher graduate management admission test score that enables the business student to 
apply to the major business colleges around the world

Learn how to get a good GMAT score   >>>

Sales vs Marketing

sales plan , report form , business leads

sales is one of the marketing tools that needs a selling skills and personal talent to achieve 
the business monthly target of revenue

Sales is not Marketing but it is a Part of the marketing process
selling is not telling but to let the others tell you
the more you know your customers as persons id the more you can communicate with them
the good sales man is a good customer friend
do not promise what you can not afford

Sales is a kind of art that require a special talents and abilities to deal with a special kind of customers with a different cultures and social background to come up with a good deal and perfect communication in the sake of good idea about your product in the customer mind compared to the product price that offered and defined bye yourself to help the customer taking the purchase decision and like the product aspects and specification that reflect it's value and answer the big questions about why should i make this purchase , is the price is right , do i need this features or not , can i get a better deal of price and even though is this product is guaranteed or not , and that is why we intended to let you know more about selling skills and the relation between sales and marketing and how much is the social communication levels affect the selling process and the purchase decisions

Business English

Business English is essential for business students especially the beginners and who take the English as a second language

the idea of taking a business English course is to know the common English phrases and expressions that is frequently used in your business studies , and not only the business that required a specific English courses and not only the second language cases but the fact is that every science or specific kind of studies has its own expressions and common phrases that you need to study before you study your main subject

Management Degrees

management , business courses , PhD

Discover the meanings of management and how to get an accredited business degree that 
makes you a better manager
Management is about what we already have But leadership is about what we do not have not every good manager is a good leader but the opposite is right Leadership is about passion and obsession but Management is about resources

management is the key of success and the magic word of how to do something right because it is all about management and managers , studying management is available fo every person or student who want to be a good leader and for that reason we will provide you with more information about the management degrees , certificates , courses and training material  and we will tell you where to find a good business school that offer you accredited business degree in management whatever as a part of an MBA program or a single training course or diploma or even PhD of management the way that enable the student to take the right decision about the future study and business dreams at both of private and public levels

Management courses

Management is the art and science of using a specific resources to achieve a specific goal .

and as you read you will learn that management is a great mix of science , talent and commitment toward the goal you want to reach , and you will discover the management theories and what kind of resources that we can manage to come up with the goal we determined

if you want to know more about the management and its majors and where to study management to be a successful manager in your company or at you life read more about it .


Marketing Courses

Get more information about marketing degrees whatever in the local colleges or international 
business school around the world

Marketing is a mix of art and science that appears all over the business processes & procedures starting from what is the ideal business that can stand to what went wrong in our business plan and customer loyalty

marketing is important for every idea that want to take a place in the real world whatever the idea is but the fact is marketing is a complete system that take a part of every business aspect and every business process or procedures , and that is the reason of why studying marketing is important , vital and profitable study if we measured it as accurate as cost analysis evaluation , and to cut it short we will go ahead to the point which is the marketing courses types and majors plus the business colleges or institutes that offer marketing courses or self study services with some details to help you answer the question of why and where to take a marketing course

Marketing is one of the most important subjects that highly recommended to study and learn  whatever you want to study business or not because marketing is not only about products and services , promotion or selling , but marketing is related basically to the society , personal needs and desires and how to understand these needs , desires , opportunities that related to a specific community or group within a specific process and methods

That’s why we deeply recommend you to study marketing to get more experience of how to read the changing environment that surrounds you and to be up-to-date with the current market trend even the job market

Get more details about marketing  >>>

What course is the best for me

to determine what is the perfect course for you then to start the admission process you should know first what is your goals from the course to compare it with the course output figured results that you supposed to be achieved in case of taking a specific course . on the other hand you have to ask your self what is the skills that i have and how effective , important and demanded locally or globally that skills and if the answer is a clearly group of skills with some good importance level then you can start online or regular study in the field of business marketing internet courses sales . MBA or PhD but again don't forget to ask about the course accreditation , certificate validity , college or school recognition plus the course , class  , admission and enrollment requirement 

examples for degrees and certificates
- marketing management
- MBA- GMAT preparation course- leadership skills- marketing research- case study- SWOT analysis- strategic thinking- Social marketing- E commerce- benchmark management- goals management- organizational skills- corporate finance- accounting for non business degree- PhD in business- leadership in the digital world- internet and strategies

Human resources courses

human resources is one of the major resources in business management and its subject is the employees with every thing related to them from job vacancies  , training courses , hiring , earnings , work force , retire , planning , and even entertainment events

the importance of human resources management is increasing day after day because of the information revolution that we live today which affected the standards  , the qualifications , the number of the work force personnel

for example : the companies at 1990 that required 10 employees for the production process with intermediate learning level , now it is required 4 employees with high learning and experience level .

study the human resources management   >>>

What is GMAT

GMAT is the graduate management admission test that designed according to the latest testing and examine techniques by the biggest business degrees committee in the world

the GMAT is essential for all the accredited business schools and degree providers and they determine a specific GMAT score to accept the student in their classes according to their policies and qualification standards that satisfy their requirements

the GMAT  is covering and examine the basic skills that every business student need to start his academic studies including the Quantitative ,  English . verbal , writing , analyses , comprehension and a lot of basic to advanced skills

Get more details about GMAT   >>>

The best MBA programs


MBA is the master of business administration which is the highest business degree below the PhD , and it is widely spread and common around the world because of its value and professionalism

there is many business schools and colleges that offer an MBA programs even online business schools but few of them who offer an accredited MBA programs that really qualify the business student to interact with the current business trends and it's cutting edge strategies , that is why the students who want to get the MBA should carfeully choose the school and the program they willing to submit and enroll themselves .

The students who finish the MBA will be able to run their own business whatever it was and able to plan , manage  and improve  all the business activities over all the levels and stages

to know more about the MBA and how it can make you one of the business leaders who aware of every aspect of the business subjects and majors

 read more about MBA   >>>

Sales Courses

Let us start with Selling is 30% science - 70% Art and talent , because selling is a human communication that allow the sales man to offer a group of solutions that satisfy a specific need or desire

and the human communication is the most complicated myth that science try to give a hand to make it easier but it is basically i mean the communication depend on the personal skills and talent that allow you to effectively communicate and trade ideas with your potential customers

Sales is part of marketing and it is about how to help the others to know what they want and how to give it to them , not only the products and services are the subject to sales but also ideas , spirit and feelings are subject to be sold not necessary for money but maybe for many intangible rewards

Study Online

we try to help you see how good is distance learning and how it can help you to get whatever degree or certificate you want
business , marketing , IT , management , strategic planning or any degree you want and also to know how to choose among the business schools or colleges that provide a distance degree , MBA , PhD an any other learning program that can push you further on the way of success and leadership

remember that you can save a lot of money when you decide on taking a distance degree and remember same time that you have to search carefully about the most high ranked schools and top learning centers providers with a known reputation allover the world by the way you will find so many online courses and certificates published on the internet for free but it's not about how good is the material of the course it's about how interactive is the course - how good smart fast responsible is the support of the business or non business class because the learning and studying is an expert exchange in deed that based on mixing all the available experiences practices to come up with a brand new ideas that reflect a fresh dynamic mind set leads the class to the knowledge that every student looking for

the idea of distance degree is to use the information technology around us in the learning methods to cut both of costs an distance the way that bring cutting edge knowledge at your finger tips to get advantage of what went wrong or right and to look at the hole business world to catch the smartest ideas within the best practices of success and leadership

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About Business English Studies


Business English Studies is designed to help you develop your skills and learning abilities that assist you to keep going further in your life at both of your personal and professional life .

within Business English Study pages you will find a full details about continues learning and study methods plus more information about the business courses , marketing degrees , business colleges , distance learning , online courses , local business schools , MBA in Egypt , human resources training courses , certificates that add value to your business , free courses , training centers contacts and addresses and more information about study strategies according to the most updated modern studying theories , tools and learning aids