Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sales vs Marketing

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sales is one of the marketing tools that needs a selling skills and personal talent to achieve 
the business monthly target of revenue

Sales is not Marketing but it is a Part of the marketing process
selling is not telling but to let the others tell you
the more you know your customers as persons id the more you can communicate with them
the good sales man is a good customer friend
do not promise what you can not afford

Sales is a kind of art that require a special talents and abilities to deal with a special kind of customers with a different cultures and social background to come up with a good deal and perfect communication in the sake of good idea about your product in the customer mind compared to the product price that offered and defined bye yourself to help the customer taking the purchase decision and like the product aspects and specification that reflect it's value and answer the big questions about why should i make this purchase , is the price is right , do i need this features or not , can i get a better deal of price and even though is this product is guaranteed or not , and that is why we intended to let you know more about selling skills and the relation between sales and marketing and how much is the social communication levels affect the selling process and the purchase decisions