Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What course is the best for me

to determine what is the perfect course for you then to start the admission process you should know first what is your goals from the course to compare it with the course output figured results that you supposed to be achieved in case of taking a specific course . on the other hand you have to ask your self what is the skills that i have and how effective , important and demanded locally or globally that skills and if the answer is a clearly group of skills with some good importance level then you can start online or regular study in the field of business marketing internet courses sales . MBA or PhD but again don't forget to ask about the course accreditation , certificate validity , college or school recognition plus the course , class  , admission and enrollment requirement 

examples for degrees and certificates
- marketing management
- MBA- GMAT preparation course- leadership skills- marketing research- case study- SWOT analysis- strategic thinking- Social marketing- E commerce- benchmark management- goals management- organizational skills- corporate finance- accounting for non business degree- PhD in business- leadership in the digital world- internet and strategies